Born in 1996, lives and works in Paris.

Graduated in 2021 from Beaux-arts de Paris with honors.

“These are researches on the imprints of movement, traces, which result from the gestures of the body, native to an immediate grasp that the organism has of its environment. My tools look as much like weapons as they are toys, they are stained, alive. They are grafted to me and they offer me, by their specific form and functions, a unique gesture to each of them. They become organs, and correspond to a particular devouring of the world. This metamorphosis occurs and the gestures, added, supported or covered, amplify in space.

Through the introduction of atmospheric scenes, fragments of skies, photographic forms, and symbols, the different corpus of materials and signs collide: the confrontation takes on a dialectical turn. From this conflicting relationship between gestures and materials results a wound. The battle ends up revealing what is necessary in them, and from this struggle comes the balance. An accretion, lodged in the horizon, constitutes a pictorial core, a Gemeinwesen of signs. As in a nervous system, rains of information, symbols, electrical movements are positioned, and are dispersed in the organic disorder of the world.”

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